General Objectives of the Fab Lab

To establish a digital Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab) in CUET for creating a unique platform for research, innovation and invention among students, faculties and communities.

To provide stimulus for local entrepreneurship and promote university-industry collaboration.

Specific Objectives of the Fab Lab

  1. To establish a state-of-the-art digital Fabrication Laboratory in CUET (Fab Lab CUET) that comprises off-the-self, industry-grade research and fabrication tools.
  2. To create the unique state-of-the-art platform for students and young researchers to validate their ideas, innovation, and creativity.
  3. To create Fab-Lab-CUET as a place to invent, to test, to mentor and to learn for the inventors, researchers, students or anybody interested in digital fabrication technologies.
  4. To provide technical prototyping platform and other stimuli for the local entrepreneurs.
  5. To organize hands on training and other relevant activities on various fields of Engineering and Technology (e.g. new material ties, automated construction, real time analysis, smart cities, collective innovation, open source design etc.)
  6. To develop skilled human resources through training, seminars and workshops.
  7. To establish a collaborative working platform among industries, individuals and universities.
  8. To make prototypes, models, patents, green products, services, etc. for small commercialization.
  9. To establish network with local and global Fab Lab communities.
  10. To establish a fund raising strategy for sustainability through Ministry of Science & Technology, Bangladesh and CUET.