FabLab Specification

Key Characteristics of the “Fabrication Laboratory”
The proposals should meet the following four essential characteristics:

i. Dealing with the immediate and critical needs for building the Bangladesh Innovation Ecosystem;
ii. Easily implementable, without any significant loss of time;
iii. Potential of being truly transformative; and
iv. Capable of providing outputs and outcomes that are measurable on an unambiguous and quantitative basis.
Fab Lab Equipment Specification
Fab Labs share core capabilities to facilitate peer learning among Fab Labs. Current capability includes:
• A computer-controlled lasercutter, for press-fit assembly of 3D structures from 2D parts
• A larger (4’x8′) numerically-controlled milling machine, for making furniture- (and house-) sized parts
• A signcutter, to produce printing masks, flexible circuits, and antennas
• A precision (micron resolution) milling machine to make three-dimensional molds and surface-mount circuit boards
• Programming tools for low-cost high-speed embedded processors
Please refer to the following links provided by Fab Foundation for the detail specifications for the machines:
• The current hardware specification (~$50k equipment and ~$10k materials):
• Software: