Milestones to Evaluate Subproject Implementation

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Milestones Reference to Specific Objectives Critical Activities Verification methods Assumptions
1. Establishment of Fab Lab in CUET 7.1, 7.2, 7.3   i.     To granted permission from CUET authority for space & location

ii.     To setup  a state-of-the art research lab outfitted with modern manufacturing facilities

iii.     To install advanced machineries

Visit to the Lab and Inspection of Documentation and database The verification can be done yearly.
2. Capability building of the students, teachers and community to use Fab Lab 7.5   i.     Trained the students, teachers and Fab Lab operators.

ii.     Arranging Seminar, workshops with the stakeholders

Inspection of Documentations related to training and seminars and workshops The verification can be done half yearly.
3. Development of real world problem solving capability for industry and make prototype for the industries 7.4, 7.8 The SPM and Fab Lab operation team will keep in touch with the various industries especially in Chittagong to capture the real technological problems and will discuss with them to introduce new product that will be commercialized in local and global market Inspection of related Documentations.


The verification can be done half yearly.
4. Establish 08  local & 02 global Networks and submit proposal for Sustainability 7.9, 7.10   i.     To send a proposal to CUET authority for allocating fund in annual budget

ii.     To write up proposal and submit to UGC, Ministry of Science & Technology, Bangladesh for funding

iii.     To prepare proposal and send to local/global Fab Lab authority for buildup network

Inspection of related Documentations


The verification can be done yearly.